This image is titled “Liberty”. It is digitally adapted by me from an old French playing card that was designed by Jacques-Louis David during the French Revolution. I have altered the original image and its text to make a personal statement.


This short piece is a little musical “whimsy” that I made up. Very unusually (for me) it is composed rather than generated from a network.

Rock Balancing July 2022

The Bay was beautiful today. Saw some nice rocks so decided to balance some of them.

USB MP3 Tracks Play in Wrong Order – Work-around

Work-around for Problem: Car media player plays MP3 music tracks from a USB-stick in the wrong sequence.

A Golden Ratio Music Vocabulary

A vocabulary I have developed to help with may micro-tonal golden ratio generative music compositional techniques.

Middle C = C3 or C4 – a Fix

A preset for the Notemapper VST which converts note messages from tools referring to middle C as “C3” into MIDI notes based on “C4” as middle C.

Lovecraft Ambience III

Lovecraft Ambience III provides an hour of microtonal dark ambient soundscapes designed to complement your H.P. Lovecraft inspired board games, card games or reading.

Gothic – a Solo/Coop Writing Game

Gothic is a print & play “journaling” type solo rolo-playing game with a horror theme. The deck of 70 illustrated cards builds a map of your location, and suggests what you find there. You explore – acquiring information, objects, and assistants to help you overcome dangerous encounters. 

Lovecraft Ambience II

Volume 2 of “Lovecraft Ambience” is a further suite of six electronic ambient soundscapes designed to complement H.P. Lovecraft inspired board games, card games, role-playing or reading.

Heroscape – Sentinel Towers

Another small project in my “Colossal Masonry” series for the game Heroscape. Easily made from just 5 mm foam board and glue.

Soundscape – Perseverance

Sound generated using Instacomposer and Nodal Sequencer, rendered using Reaper Digital Audio Workstation.

Relativity Theory with No Equations

An introduction to Einstein’s theories of Relativity – with no equations, and certainly no rubber sheets…

Heroscape – Ragiggmans Ruins

More Heroscape custom scenery. How to use just 5 mm foam-board to make ancient ruins with the look of “colossal masonry”.

Heroscape – Ragiggmans Cheap and Easy Scenery

Detailed instructions on how to make Heroscape compatible scatter scenery from 5 mm foam-board.

Niccolo – Print and Play Board Game

Niccolò is race game, its heritage deriving from games such as Sorry!, Ludo, and Parcheesi.

However, it comes with a wicked twist – there are no dice!

Time and Tides, Topography and Tarot

Only a small number of books enter my special shelf reserved for works that are so significant that I shall never relinquish them. I have recently added Susanna Clarke’s “Piranesi”. ( ISBN 978-1-5266-2242-6)

Ersatz Armies for Heroscape

A cheap-and-cheerful custom conversion project for Hasbro’s Heroscape tabletop wargame.

Lovecraft Ambience

“Over 60 minutes of electronic ambient soundscapes designed to complement H.P. Lovecraft inspired board games, card games, role-playing or reading.

The Sorcerer’s Cave

A fan-made print-&-play conversion kit providing alternative artwork cards and tokens for the out of print 1978 game “The Sorcerer’s Cave”.

Folding Dog Steps – Plans

Free downloadable construction plans for a set of sturdy steps that allow a large dog with mobility issues to have easier access to a vehicle. When not in use, the steps fold down to a size that can be carried and stored in the vehicle.