About Peter Vodden

“Dark City”
Image by Peter Vodden 2014

An Aladdin’s Cave of free digital resources! This site is my “trove” –  a jumble of stuff I have created including print & play games, soundscapes, writings, poems, images, and crafts-related projects. Everything here is free for you to take away and use or adapt for your own projects.

I am a binary beachcomber, a digital tinkerer. I don’t claim to be a musician, a writer or an artist – I am just one of the people often found pottering around in the margins between the real world and the digital.

Please browse my portfolios at leisure, and take away whatever baubles or trinkets happen to catch your eye or ear.

“Some may call this junk. Me, I call them treasures.”


I welcome comments and enquiries – please contact me.

Latest Additions

  • Tales of Mystery and Imagination (4/21/2023) - A gothic horror soundscape inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Porfolio Page: https://petervodden.blog/portfolio/edgar-allan-poe-inspired-soundscape/
  • AI Nightmares (3/13/2023) - A set of images arising out of a collaboration with the Craiyon AI, indulging my penchant for the Victorian gothic bizarre. Gallery Page: Extreme Exploration of the Uncanny Valley
  • Free Illustrated Dungeon Solitaire Deck (1/31/2023) - I created an illustrated 54-card deck for the great (free!) game “Dungeon Solitaire: Tomb of Four Kings”. Download from the Portfolio Page: Illustrated Dungeon Solitaire Deck
  • Fractal Flame Images – Retrospective (1/9/2023) - I have a few projects on the go for 2023, but nothing yet nearing completion – so I thought I would post up a retrospective. Another gallery of free images for you – view and download here: Fractal Flames
  • Free 19th Century Printers Ornaments (12/29/2022) - A collection of ornaments scanned into JPG format from “”The Poetical Works of Edgar Allen Poe” 1866. I place these scans into the public domain – use as you will. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all ! View and download the images from this page: https://petervodden.blog/free-printers-ornaments/
  • Poems 2022 (12/19/2022) - I am posting up my latest writing project, a collection of short poems. You can read/download the PDF from this page: Memento Mori
  • Radio Refurb (12/9/2022) - I inherited an old 1950’s valve radio when my parents passed. The Philips was part of my childhood – so I couldn’t just dump it. I decided to get it refurbished. I am so delighted with the outcome that I want to post it up to YouTube and here, so that Dave Shaw of dabhandradio.com […]
  • Free Junk Journal Collage Pages (12/4/2022) - A gallery of 18 ephemera collages that can be used as backgrounds or other components of your junk journal or art journal projects. The theme is my modern take on the 16th/17th Century genre known as “Vanitas”. Example Page: Download the collages from their gallery page here
  • Steampunk Card Deck (11/26/2022) - A 36-card "Lenormand" style cartomancy/game deck available as an an A4 PDF to download, "print & play".
  • Changing the Trove to a Blog (11/26/2022) - Recommencing regular postings.