I cannot afford a custom motorcycle or a custom car, so maybe the next best thing is a customised PC. In 2020 I began using the online configurator tool at to configure my personal specification.

Folding Dog Steps – Plans

Free downloadable construction plans for a set of sturdy steps that allow a large dog with mobility issues to have easier access to a vehicle. When not in use, the steps fold down to a size that can be carried and stored in the vehicle.

Tabletop Game Revamp

Looking for something to do in Lockdown that would soak up many hours, I hit on the idea of doing a visual makeover for a game in Tabletop Simulator. “The Sorcerer’s Cave” was a favourite casual dungeon crawler in the late1970’s that you played by laying down tiled cards that your party of adventurers then…

Steeptown in the Gorge

A 15mm scale diorama of an imaginary town made using Dave Graffam’s wonderful print-cut-out-and-glue cardboard scenery, a lot of balsa wood, and various metal alloy miniature figurines.

Sun Visor Hack

Instructions for project to adapt an extension sun-visor – so that it can be fitted to vehicles with very narrow existing visors. (Medium difficulty)

De Alchimia

A project to create digital collages and display them in framed plates inside a faux grimoire.

Carriage Clock Up-Cycling

Showcasing digital art by up-cycling an old clock.

The Nereid Coleoide

Another of my manipulated fractal / rendered figure composite images.

Model Locomotive

I remember steam locomotives from my childhood, and particularly watching them during many (seemingly endless) warm summer holidays spent around Hest Bank near Morecambe.

Fractal Landscape

An image created by compositing a wire-frame model into a generated background.

Poems from the Road – Preface

A multimedia work inspired by a famous and celebrated journey which took place many years ago in Japan.
In this project I have used generative music and generative art techniques to create  a concept album.

A Cautionary Tale

Hello? What’s this? I did not order anything electrical…

How words have have changed their meaning for the younger generations….

Talisman Board Game DIY Upgrades

A bunch of do-it-yourself upgrades that I created for my copy of the classic board game “Talisman”.

Untangling Entangled States

An essay outlining a thought experiment which explores the application of abstract geometries to the data modelling of musical composition and performance.

Mandelbulb 3D Fractal

I wonder what a living space might look like if the things living in it were very far from human? From our perspective, it might look so strange that we would not even recognize form hinting at function. We might guess that it was some natural accretion of crystalline material – growing, yet devoid of design or intent. 

Steampunk Playmat

I play Magic The Gathering most Friday nights. I am not very skilled at the game, but I like the card designs and admire the artwork. I also like the “paraphernalia” – boxes, dice, playmats etc. So I decided to create my own design for a playmat.

Generative Music

I have been developing my “soundscapes” composition technique recenty with the aid of a sequencer called Nodal, which was developed around 2005 at Monash University, Australia.

Artist’s Website

I just completed developing a website for an artist friend. Mavis Nwokobia creates the most amazing paintings using a variety of fine art media.

Image - The Call

The Call

Fractal landscape with figures.

Clock Conundrum

I drafted this little puzzle for my pal Eric, and he enjoyed it so much that he said, “Why not blog it?”