Heroscape – Sentinel Towers

Another small project in my “Colossal Masonry” series for the game Heroscape. Easily made from just 5 mm foam board and glue.

Soundscape – Perseverance

Sound generated using Instacomposer and Nodal Sequencer, rendered using Reaper Digital Audio Workstation.

Relativity Theory with No Equations

An introduction to Einstein’s theories of Relativity – with no equations, and certainly no rubber sheets…

Heroscape – Ragiggmans Ruins

More Heroscape custom scenery. How to use just 5 mm foam-board to make ancient ruins with the look of “colossal masonry”.

Heroscape – Ragiggmans Cheap and Easy Scenery

Detailed instructions on how to make Heroscape compatible scatter scenery from 5 mm foam-board.

Niccolo – Print and Play Board Game

Niccolò is race game, its heritage deriving from games such as Sorry!, Ludo, and Parcheesi.

However, it comes with a wicked twist – there are no dice!

Time and Tides, Topography and Tarot

Only a small number of books enter my special shelf reserved for works that are so significant that I shall never relinquish them. I have recently added Susanna Clarke’s “Piranesi”. ( ISBN 978-1-5266-2242-6)

Ersatz Armies for Heroscape

A cheap-and-cheerful custom conversion project for Hasbro’s Heroscape tabletop wargame.


“Over 60 minutes of electronic ambient soundscapes designed to complement H.P. Lovecraft inspired board games, card games, role-playing or reading.

The Sorcerer’s Cave

A fan-made print-&-play conversion kit providing alternative artwork cards and tokens for the out of print 1978 game “The Sorcerer’s Cave”.

Folding Dog Steps – Plans

Free downloadable construction plans for a set of sturdy steps that allow a large dog with mobility issues to have easier access to a vehicle. When not in use, the steps fold down to a size that can be carried and stored in the vehicle.

Steeptown in the Gorge

A 15mm scale diorama of an imaginary town made using Dave Graffam’s wonderful print-cut-out-and-glue cardboard scenery, a lot of balsa wood, and various metal alloy miniature figurines.

Sun Visor Hack

Instructions for project to adapt an extension sun-visor – so that it can be fitted to vehicles with very narrow existing visors. (Medium difficulty)

De Alchimia

A project to create digital collages and display them in framed plates inside a faux grimoire.

Carriage Clock Up-Cycling

Showcasing digital art by up-cycling an old clock.

The Nereid Coleoide

Another of my manipulated fractal / rendered figure composite images.

Model Locomotive

I remember steam locomotives from my childhood, and particularly watching them during many (seemingly endless) warm summer holidays spent around Hest Bank near Morecambe.

Fractal Landscape

An image created by compositing a wire-frame model into a generated background.

Poems from the Road

A multimedia work inspired by a famous and celebrated journey which took place many years ago in Japan.
In this project I have used generative music and generative art techniques to create  a concept album.

A Cautionary Tale

Hello? What’s this? I did not order anything electrical…

How words have have changed their meaning for the younger generations….