Script Overlays

base image
(1) base image
(2) base image with overlay added

A collection of scanned images taken from 16th Century manuscripts .

These grey-scale JPG images are designed to be used as overlays, adding texture to a base image.

Example: Starting with the base image shown at top left, we add a new layer using one of the script overlay images, then set blend mode on the new layer to “burn”, and set its layer transparency to 50%.

Layer blending modes and transparency can be used to imprint text upon various areas of an image. Alternatively the overlays can be used as transparency maps to show or hide portions of another layer.

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Downloading Images

When you select an image, the Image Carousel displays, allowing you to scroll/swipe left and right through the Gallery. If you want to download/copy the best resolution of a particular image, look for the Information icon within the Carousel view, tap/click it, and select “view full size”.)

Gallery – Script Overlays

Acknowledgments: These images were scanned from “Elizabethan Essex” published by The Essex Council, Chelmsford, Essex Record Office Publications, No.34. Printed by W&J Mackay Limited, Chatham, Fourth Edition, 1976.

Creative Commons licence.