Tabletop Game Revamp

Looking for something to do in Lockdown that would soak up many hours, I hit on the idea of doing a visual makeover for a game in Tabletop Simulator. “The Sorcerer’s Cave” was a favourite casual dungeon crawler in the late1970’s that you played by laying down tiled cards that your party of adventurers then…

Steampunk Playmat

I play Magic The Gathering most Friday nights. I am not very skilled at the game, but I like the card designs and admire the artwork. I also like the “paraphernalia” – boxes, dice, playmats etc. So I decided to create my own design for a playmat.

Print and Play Board Game – Dungeon Race

I designed “Dungeon Race” especially for situations where there are mixed ages of young children playing. If some of the kids are OK with “snakes and ladders”, but not quite ready yet for anything much more complicated, then “Dungeon Race” is a great next step

Board Game – Niccolo

This game uses an intriguing and unique mechanism to link card play with board movement – creating intense player interaction and opportunities for some truly “Machiavellian” strategy.