Niccolo – Print and Play Board Game


The Game of Machiavellian Strategy

1-4 Players, Ages 8+

Playing Time 30-45 minutes

Niccolò is race game, its heritage deriving from games such as Sorry!, Ludo, and Parcheesi.

However, it comes with a wicked twist – there are no dice! Player tokens race around the track, but in between movement phases, players play a mini card game, and it is the outcome of that card game that determines how the player tokens will move next.

Each turn, players act to adjust the movement “rules” in their own favour, or to deliberately hinder one or more other players – maybe even forcing another player’s token to move backwards – which can lead to some interesting and “lively” player interactions!

Game Setting: 16th Century Florence.

As head of one of the four most ambitious families, you will use all the tools available to you to advance your own cause whilst hindering your rivals. Back-stabbing and ganging up on other players is not only allowed – it is expected !

Be ready to plan and execute convoluted strategies worthy of Niccolò Machiavelli, but beware, for when the Signoria happens, everything may change !

Print & Play files to download:


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