Print and Play Board Game – Dungeon Race

“Dungeon Race” is a fast paced simple board game. Kids can have fun imagining themselves racing along corridors, discovering treasure chests, trying to avoid pit-falls and the dreaded “slime”, whilst attempting to open secret doors that can fast-track you to the next level.

I designed “Dungeon Race” especially for situations where there are mixed ages of young children playing. If some of the kids are OK with “snakes and ladders”, but not quite ready yet for anything much more complicated, then “Dungeon Race” is a possible next step. The more capable children in the group will take to it with ease – and be able to watch the younger ones, and explain things like “no, you can only move one space because you were stuck in the Green Slime” !

The game is purely for fun, and entirely based on luck & dice rolls, and yet, it somehow doesn’t really feel that way – partly due to the theme, and the very detailed and visually entertaining playing board.

It is free to download, print & play – get it here:

Or, if you have Steam and Tabletop Simulator, play here:

Dungeon Race on a Virtual Tabletop



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