Sun Visor Hack

I bought an extension sun-visor for our VW Beetle which has ludicrously narrow factory-fitted visors – they don’t block out any sun at all when driving. This is the product I purchased :

Unfortunately, the clamp on the extension device does not shrink down enough to attach to the existing visor. I was pretty sure that all similar products would have the same issue, so rather than send it back I decided to adapt it so that the distance between the clamping “claws” is reduced. Since other people may wish to attempt this, I am posting the instructions for the project.

(Safety! This is a medium difficulty hack – to undertake it, you should be confident working with precision tools and small parts.)

To carry out this project you will need :

  1. Pencil and ruler.
  2. A vice/clamps/workbench to hold things safely while you cut/drill.
  3. Protective goggles for your eyes.
  4. A cross-head screwdriver.
  5. A cutting tool (rotary or small hacksaw).
  6. A drill.
  7. A pilot-hole drill-bit.
  8. A 16 mm drill-bit.
  9. Some sandpaper and sanding block.

(Safety! – If using power tools on plastic, use eye protection and do it in a well ventilated room.

Here are the steps :



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