Steeptown in the Gorge

A 15mm scale diorama of an imaginary town made using Dave Graffam’s wonderful print-cut-out-and-glue cardboard scenery, a lot of balsa wood, foam-board, and various metal alloy miniature figurines.

During the 2020 virus lock-down, I felt I needed a project that could be “spun out” – thus soaking up many, many, hours of staying at home. Sadly I have now finished it (!) and will have to look for something else to do..

I began (as usual) with a junk object acquired in a charity shop. It was filthy, scratched and battered and only had one door handle.

So I completely dismantled it, stripped the glass and the inner drawers/compartments away and then sanded the remains down ready for repainting in “shabby-chic” chalk paint.

Two coats of wax serve to protect the paint finish. I had to make two new handles from scratch.

Here is the completed project:

The Most Peculiar and Precarious Folk

of Steeptown in the Gorge



Some detail photos:





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