Free Steampunk Lenormand Deck

This steampunk themed Lenormand deck is free to print-and-play.

To acquire the deck, just download the PDF, which contains printing instructions and the 36 cards laid out on A4 size sheets at 8 cards per sheet.

You are also free to adapt and/or redistribute this work under: Please continue to credit the underlying I.P. of Peter Vodden, Carrie Paris & Georgie Retzer, Thanks!

About Lenormand Cards

Marie Lenormand is generally held to be one of the most famous and influential cartomancers of the 19th Century. Her name has since been applied to many cartomancy decks, often based on the original 36 cards of the parlor game called Das Spiel der Hoffnung (“The Game Of Hope”).

Unlike Tarot Card illustrations which often contain complex esoteric images, the Lenormand cards are illustrated using common items familiar in many western European cultures – such as a Tree, A Mountain, a Key. This is appealing to card readers who do not wish to dive deep into the hermetic knowledge encoded in Tarot.

Using the Steampunk Lenormand Deck

I have created the deck to be multi-functional:

  • If you are just starting with Lenormand card reading, then you can find many resources on web sites that will provide an introduction and suggested cartomancy spreads. This free deck will serve you well until you (perhaps) decide to purchase a commercial quality deck.
  • The deck can also be used to play traditional card games requiring a 36-card deck, such as Durak. It has suit designations and ranks on both sides, so can be easily fanned out by both right and left handed players.
  • The deck is also ideal for inclusion in table-based role-playing games where the setting is Victorian/Edwardian Era – of which Steampunk Fantasy is just one example. It can be nice to have physical “props” to enhance your game, and Game Masters can have fun designing one or more encounters where (for example) the cards might be acquired by the players, who then gradually come to understand what the cards are and their significance to the story.

If you use the deck in any of these ways, or adapt it to some other even more imaginative purpose, I would be delighted hear about it! Contact Page.

About This Deck

Carrie Paris kindly released her Lenormand Holiday Learning Deck into the public domain in 2013. I really liked the “Victorian ephemera” style, and had a notion that they would look good in a steampunk setting. In designing the layout and creating the frame I used some of the resources from the steampunk graphics kit kindly shared by Georgie Retzer – check out his amazing work here:


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