“Humpback” is a New Age style musical composition involving psycho-active acoustics.


It is not possible to generate infrasound (below around 30 cycles per second) using home equipment, and most sound system speakers won’t reproduce it anyway. However, you can create an illusion for the auditory senses by using binaural beats.

For this piece, I used a 60 beats per minute basic  tempo, with soft evolving pads and arpeggiation in a cycling four-chord sequence.

I then added two almost identical sine-wave tone generators, one running at 100 Hz and the other running at 106 Hz. The binaural beat creates an illusory sound of a frequency which is the difference between the two waves i.e. 6 beats per second. The volume level for these tracks was then set (by trial and error) to a subliminal level. My simple test for setting subliminal level is that someone who knows it is there (me) can hear it, but someone who does not know it is there (my test audience) does not hear it. 6 Hz was chosen as being the frequency of a human brain in “Theta” mode (i.e. relaxed but attentive).

I must thank and MIke Koenig for the sounds of ocean waves and humpback whales calling.


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