Moon Rise

I was lucky enough recently to be able to visit the “Islands And Bridges” exhibition of Roger Dean’s art work, which is on display at the Manx Museum in Douglas, Isle Of Man. I collect Dean album covers, but this is the first time I have seen Roger’s work in the original. “Pathways” was used as the cover for Yessongs, and for me, is one of his most iconic works. Seeing it for real just took my breath away.

Dean often used generated textures in his art – although he employed real-world techniques such as mixing mutually “phobic” media. A typical example would be the marbling and other effects created using wax, water and oil-based paint, which can be seen on examples such as “Paladin Charge“.

I returned from the Isle Of Man inspired! I have been striving for a while now to exploit mathematically generated backgrounds with my CGI renders. Fired up again and determined to make progress, here is my latest effort, entitled “Moon Rise”:

(Click To View Full Size)


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