Novel – The Daimon Hespera

A free graphic novel to read onlinecover

Hespera is the heroine of a CGI graphic novel in the urban gothic fantasy genre.

The story is set in a world where supernatural beings fight an eternal war that will determine the ultimate fate of humankind. The novel’s subjects and strong anti-religious theme, may make it more appropriate for mature readers. The images for the novel are dark and broody, light casting shadows through the dirty glass of window frames, that sort of thing. The story is also traditionally gothic – grandiose flowery narrative liberally sprinkled with mythological, religious and literary references.

One of the unusual features of the illustration is the inclusion of creatures and objects based on Groboto algorithmic objects that I have previously used in individual images.

ophanimSome of the scenes showcase this approach by (for example) retaining the precise detail and geometry of very complex objects as the reader’s viewpoint changes from frame to frame on the page – delivering a visual continuity beyond anything that can be achieved in a strip drawn by hand.

Click here to read the novel.

Teaser Trailers from 2012:


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