Lovecraft Ambience III

“The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath”

Lovecraft Ambience III provides an hour of microtonal dark ambient soundscapes designed to complement your H.P. Lovecraft inspired board games, card games or reading.

From Playlist : Lovecraft Dark Ambient

This third and final album in my Lovecraft soundscapes trilogy can (as with volumes 1 & 2) simply be used as ambient sound for your games and reading; but in addition (reflecting the substance of its title) the third volume can serve as a resource for the experienced dreamer. The subliminal pseudo-frequencies employed in this collection are specially structured to complement a planned escalation, peaking, and de-escalation of brain activity whilst asleep.

Pseudo-frequencies are not physically generated – they are an artificial construct of our binaural hearing, and are perceived by the brain when (for example) the left ear hears a frequency close to – but not the same as – the frequency heard by the right ear. Therefore, in order to enable the effect when listening, it is necessary to either use earphones, or to employ a reproduction system with good stereo separation.

Lovecraft Ambience 3 – Tracks in MP3 Format

01 “The Gate of Deeper Slumber”
02 “Night-Gaunts”
03 “Guardians of the Great Abyss”
04 “The Monastery of Leng”
05 “The Throne-Room of the Great Ones”
06 “Nyarlathotep”

The specific subliminals employed are:

Track Frequency
01 The Gate of Deeper Slumber4 Hz – deep sleep
02 Night-Gaunts8 Hz – relaxed
03 Guardians of the Great Abyss12 Hz – alert/excited
04 The Library of Leng19 Hz – the “ghost” frequency
05 The Throne Room of the Great Ones8 Hz – relaxed
06 Nyarlathotep4 Hz – deep sleep

Plenty of advice on the benefits – and potential hazards – of lucid dreaming can be found on the internet:

Disclaimer: These soundscapes have a recurring theme of cosmic horror. If you are not an experienced dreamer, familiar with The Silver Key, then I suggest that you should not use this material whilst sleeping – but especially not if you suffer from any of these or similar conditions:

  • PTSD, Depression, Nightmares, Reality blurring.

I cannot be held accountable for people using my music to tamper irresponsibly with their own mental health. Be careful, and be aware of your meta-cognition. As per the movie ‘Inception’, I find one of these useful:

Metal Gyro Spinner
Post Script: Are you a little bit crazy Peter?

If one person claims the universe is lorded over by an octopus god who lives in a different dimension, then that person is referred to a psychiatrist. If a hundred people believe that aliens secretly govern the Earth, then that is deemed a cult, and resources are arranged to rescue young people from it. If two billion people believe that the universe is run by an invisible old man who lives in the sky, then that is deemed a religion and its proponents are given political influence and tax breaks.

Sanity is just a numbers game.


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