Mantel Clock


This mantel clock was another charity shop find. A cheap import with a quartz movement, imitating one of the more expensive types. Preparation involved the usual complete dismantling and stripping of existing finishes, before painting, highlighting and sealing

The focus of this work is the clock face, which is based on one of my flame fractals which I digitally kaleidoscoped to create the dial.


Silver discs (to highlight the numerals) were then added with a trompe-l’œil inset effect. The numerals were created using the FairydustB font designed by Marcel de Jong. I abraded the clock hands back to raw metal using a dremel.

For this project I tried out a different technique with the outer panel decoupage. Instead of gluing on the inkjet printed designs and then spraying varnish over to seal the panels, this time I sealed the panels first by laminating them, and then instead of PVA glue I attached the panels using double-sided adhesive tape (the kind traditionally used in crafting greeting cards. The panel images are Grand Julian fractals, again digitally kaleidoscoped.


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