This image is titled “Liberty”. It is digitally adapted by me from an old French playing card that was designed by Jacques-Louis David during the French Revolution. I have altered the original image and its text to make a personal statement.

The image is of Liberty represented as a woman seated and holding a triumphal banner. Two scrolls at her feet represent the philosophical foundations of a sane society – Evidence, and Reason. At top right is “Fraternity”. At top left is the European symbol for atheism. The card title at the lower edge reads “Freedom from Religion”.

Please feel free to copy and use this image :

  • If you yearn for a world in which women cannot be abused, imprisoned or killed because some men deem their clothing to be non-conforming to the ideals written down by men in some ridiculous “magic book”.
  • If celibate priests and nuns abusing small children fills you with horror and sadness.
  • If you think that everyone should have a fundamental right to live free from persecution by delusional people who believe in magic books, gods, and creation myths.


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