Dungeon Race Rules

“Dungeon Race” by Peter Vodden

Game Rules

The Wizard has challenged you all to compete in a race, to see who is the smartest, the fastest, and the luckiest! Starting from the Wizard’s Room down in the very centre of the dungeon, you will race through the passageways, up the dungeon levels, and through the Exit Door.

How to Play

Players choose a coloured token (red, green, blue or yellow) and place it in the Wizard’s Room (anywhere in the 4 tiles at the centre of the board). Players roll a numbered dice to see who goes first (highest goes first), and the turn passes clockwise.

In your turn, you roll the numbered dice and move forward that many spaces. In your first turn, the curved steps are counted as the first space. You don’t need to roll any special number to start. Any steps in the dungeon always count as just one space. If a normal move (or any other event!) would land you on top of another player, then you must keep moving towards the Exit, past as many players as necessary, to land on the next available free space.


The first player to pass through the Exit Door is the winner. Landing on the space marked “Exit” is not enough – you must pass through the door. You don’t need to roll an exact number to pass through the Exit Door, which is always open.

Treasure Chests

If you land on a space with a Chest, then you have discovered a Treasure Chest. Great ! You get another turn – roll and move again !

Pit Slides

If you land on a Pit space, then roll the Pit Dice. If you roll solid stone, then you jump over the Pit onto the next free space. If you roll a Pit, then you have fallen in. You tumble down a slide under the wall, which dumps you on the nearest free space one level down.

Sticky Green Slime

If you land on a blob of Sticky Green Slime you are slowed down while you get free of it. On your next turn, you can only move one space.

Secret Doors

If you land on a space with a door in the wall, then you have discovered a Secret Door leading up to the next level. Roll the Door Dice. If you roll a closed door, then the door is locked/stuck – you failed to get through, and you stay where you are. If you roll an open door, then you go through the door and up one space to the next level.


Hint: Only attempt doors on your left hand side – doors on your right hand side lead down one level !

Enjoy the game !