8 – Zensho Temple

“Still in Kaga Province, I stayed at Zenshōji, a temple outside the castle town of Daishōji. Sora
had stayed there the night before, and had left this poem for me:

throughout the long night
listening to the autumn wind
in the hills behind

We had been only one night apart, yet it seemed like a thousand miles. That night, I too lay
sleepless in the guest room, listening to the autumn wind. Towards dawn, I could clearly hear the
sound of voices chanting a sutra. A gong was struck, and I went into the refectory. Eager to get
to Echizen Province that day, I left the hall as soon as possible, but some young monks ran after
me to the foot of the stairs, paper and inkstone in their hands. The willow in the garden had
scattered some of its leaves, and so I wrote.”