“Over 60 minutes of electronic ambient soundscapes designed to complement H.P. Lovecraft inspired board games, card games, role-playing or reading.

Poems from the Road

A multimedia work inspired by a famous and celebrated journey which took place many years ago in Japan.
In this project I have used generative music and generative art techniques to create  a concept album.

Generative Music

I have been developing my “soundscapes” composition technique recenty with the aid of a sequencer called Nodal, which was developed around 2005 at Monash University, Australia.


Soundscapes and images inspired (at least in part) by avant garde composers of the last century, including Karheinz Stockhausen and György Ligeti.


“Humpback” is a relaxing New Age style musical composition involving psycho-active acoustics.

War of the Worlds

I am fortunate to have as a friend the composer Eric Craven. He encourages my efforts, and doesn’t mind at all that a person with very little musical training is performing his music. Eric’s “non-prescriptive” compositions allow the performer a very significant degree of freedom to interpret the composer’s intentions, so they are ideal for…