Tabletop Game Revamp

Looking for something to do in Lockdown that would soak up many hours, I hit on the idea of doing a visual makeover for a game in Tabletop Simulator.

The Sorcerer’s Cave” was a favourite casual dungeon crawler in the late1970’s that you played by laying down tiled cards that your party of adventurers then explored. There were many tiles, and the resulting cave system sprawled all over your house! Upgrading the visual aspect serves no purpose as far as the game mechanics go, but maybe it adds a certain something. I have also designed and made available some Adventure Modules, which make the game feel a bit more goal-oriented rather than a casual crawl.

The game and modules are available free to download if you have already purchased a copy of Tabletop Simulator. (Which by the way, I thoroughly recommend – it is only £15 per user, and you can play almost any game you like remotely with friends…)

Find my downloadable content in the Workshop: Sorcerer’s Cave – The Dungeon Edition

I designed all the area tiles myself using Dungeon Painter Studio. The small card artwork was published on the Hall or Nothing blog – originally as A4 “print and play” sheets which I have adapted. There were a few gaps in the cardsets, so I had to plug those by garnering suitable artwork from the public domain.

I think the amazing artwork by Derek Hohls on the small cards is what really brings the game to life:

Original cards:

Revamped cards:






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