Board Game – Niccolo

shop-image(Work In Progress)

It is the the year 1498, and renaissance Florence is in political turmoil after the fall of Savonarola, instigator of the infamous “bonfire of the vanities”. The Florentine Republic is unstable, and the old and powerful families are vying with one another for who will gain control of the city state.

Playing as one of the four families of Visconti, Sforza, Soderini or Medici, players race through the corridors of power attempting to advance their own cause whilst hindering their rivals.

At first sight, Niccolo appears to be a simple “race around the track” game. It isn’t! The game uses an intriguing and unique mechanism to link card play with board movement – creating intense player interaction and opportunities for some truly “Machiavellian” strategy.

October 2014

20140927_104252The game has been play-tested by friends, and has come through a number of iterations. In its first incarnation the graphics were childish, cartoon-like, projecting a sense of fun.

Testers’ feedback indicated that they felt the game had deep strategy, and should be aimed at a more mature audience of game players. I re-themed it with a historical setting, and then used The Game Crafter print-on-demand services to create a prototype.

I am currently looking to find testers for this revised version.


'Niccolo' Copyright © Peter Vodden 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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