3 – A Girl Called Double

“I had an acquaintance who lived in Kurobane in Nasu, so we decided to take the shortest route,
straight across the plain. We took a bearing from a village in the distance, but as we walked, the
rain began to fall and the darkness closed in. We took lodgings for the night at a farmhouse, and
next morning started off again across the plain.

We came upon a horse grazing and a farmer cutting grass. We asked him the way. Although a
simple, rustic man, he was full of sympathy. He pondered a while, then said, ‘What would be the
best thing to do? The trails here criss-cross all over the place, and strangers like you could
easily get lost. That worries me. I’ll let you have the horse. When he won’t go any further, just
send him back.’ And with that, he leant us his horse.

Two small children followed us, running behind the horse. One of them, a little girl, was called
Kasane (Double). It was such an unusual and charming name that Sora wrote about it.

Before long, we reached a village and turned the horse back home, with some money tied to the